The Storyteller's Secret

A 75-minute Puzzle Room Adventure for 2-5 Players

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You and your friends decide to visit the cabin of Emily Carter, a young writer whose bestseller adventure novels are known all around the world.

What’s her secret?

The Details

This is a puzzle room adventure in Boston, MA.

The experience is for 2-5 Players, and may take up to 75 minutes.

Bookings for this room are all private. We recommend that all players have experienced one other "escape room" adventure before trying this one.

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Production Team

Creative Director


Victor Hung

A Beetle Splat!

Executive Producer

Electrocutive Froducer

Robert Myers

Master Carpenter

Devourer of Monsters

Brie Frame

Lead Engineer

Resident Little Bird

Camila Ramirez-Arau

Sound Engineer

The BugFather

Kevin Leonardo

Electrical Engineer

Director of Aerial Activities

Emmanuel Fasil

Software Engineer

Head of Patricks

Patrick Taylor


Head Cat Herder

Caitlin Kenyon

Music Composer

Mr. I Make Music Really Fast

Sam Watkinson


Queen of swords and mondays

Eva Arnason


A bunch of awesome people. Thank you for helping us.

Lena Barkin
Wayne Blossom
Kathleen Elliott
Simon Luedtke
Ryan Teixeira

Special Thanks

We're really, really thankful you helped us out you don't even work here thank you so much.

Norman Cao
Kelly Chen
Dabin Choe
Adam Doyle
Aaron Ekstein
Joshua Fabian
Jana Fitzgerald-Rhodes
Lauren Futami
Hunter Guarino
Georgia Van de Zande
Arcturus Wang
Jonathan Wang
Charlene Xia
Stephanie Yu
Dillon Zhang

Additionally, thank you to all those who helped us test the adventure!