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A fun and 'smart' team building activity

Boxaroo offers whimsical adventures that are not only fun for getting colleagues acquainted, but also great for teamwork, communication, and some friendly competition. Our adventures are similar to “escape room” or “murder mystery” type experiences. Players work together to unravel a mystery and reach a goal by solving a series of puzzles and clues.

We offer a variety of experiences ranging from a thematic and immersive adventure room in Downtown Boston, to large-scale, 200+ people events that we can bring to you. No matter what the event is, we can promise a delightful and invigorating experience for participants of all ages.

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Conundrum Museum

5-12 Participants

An exquisite and heart-pounding 60-minute adventure. You and your team visit the premiere of the highly anticipated museum of an eccentric art collector, but you're there to do much more than just visit. Will you and your team make it out in 60 minutes?

Located in Downtown Boston.

Learn more and book online, or give us a call to request an unlisted time.

Perfect for Any Occasion

Our events are great for any occasion, from work outings to celebrations. Want to get people excited about a special announcement? An exciting new reveal? Be creative with it! Let us know, and we'll handle the rest.

Highly Customizable

Customize an adventure to match your vision. Have a story you want to share? A company mission to emphasize? Work with us to create a memorable, one-of-a-kind experience.

The Perfect Heist

Any number of players, from 100 to 1000

Let us bring the adventure to you! Experience a one-of-a-kind team bonding activity. In small groups, teams work together in an adventure that's part murder mystery, part scavenger hunt, and part escape. Encourage some friendly competition with a real-time leaderboard, and watch as teams put forth all they've got to propose the perfect heist plan.

The game normally lasts around two hours, but can be adjusted based on preference.

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What participants have been saying...

Loved it! Great idea and can't wait for part two - and the room opening back up! High production value and professional staff

Perfect Heist Participant

Lots of fun! Difficulty was perfect.

Perfect Heist Participant

your escape rooms are the best ones I've done, unequivocally, from both a puzzle and immersion/theme standpoint.

Conundrum Museum Participant

The Great Ice Cream Contingency

Outdoor event, Any number of players

Treat your guests to a breath of fresh air with this scavenger-puzzle hunt. A fun, day experience that takes advantage of the great outdoors and all the exciting areas of your favorite city.

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