what is boxaroo?

We are an interactive "escape the room"-style adventure located in downtown Boston!

what is an escape room?

Glad you asked! An escape room is a 60-75 minute long adventure filled with puzzles and one overarching story. The goal is to solve all of the puzzles in the space within the allotted amount of time. Failure to do so may result in some kind of dire (and fictional!) consequence. Boxaroo escape room adventures are fun, interactive experiences that harness creativity, teamwork, and out of the box thinking.

do you give hints?

If you need some help, we’ll be there for you! We run on an unlimited hint system, meaning we will send you as many hints as you would like to help you make it through your adventure. We typically send hints as our operators believe you need them but we are also happy to exclusively send them upon request if that is preferred. Feel free to speak with your greeter when you arrive at Boxaroo to come up with a hint system that works best for you.

are your rooms scary?

Not at all! While there are some special reveals and unique surprises throughout your room adventure, we can promise that there will be no gore, nothing/no one will jump out at you, no demonic voices will screech things into the air, and certainly no weapons of mass destruction fly towards you.

are there age restrictions?

Children are welcome and encouraged to attend a Boxaroo adventure! All of our rooms are appropriate for any age. That said, some kids may find the mysterious atmosphere and occasional special effects to be scary. You know your kid best.

Children 4 and under may accompany you for free! We do require every participant under the age of 18 to have their waiver signed by a legal adult. Additionally, if the child is under the age of 16, they must be accompanied in the room by a legal adult.

4 and under: no ticket required, but a waiver will still need to be signed on their behalf
5 - 12: welcome to join the family for the adventure
12 - 15: a party of young teens may be able to successfully complete an adventure on their own, but must have at least one adult chaperone in the room with them
16 - 17: may attend without a chaperone, but must have their waiver pre-signed by an adult
18+: hey, we're all just a bunch of big kids, here. Come on in!

I have a group larger than your room size, what can I do?

Our experiences are designed for groups of specific sizes. We highly, highly recommend that if you're in a group larger than the capacity of the room, you split into two groups. Some of the spaces might be tighter with more people. Additionally, if you have a large group, some people might miss out on some of the puzzles, or you might solve the puzzles too fast... which is no fun :)

We do occasionally make some exceptions for groups such as families on a case by case basis, provided the whole group understands the limitations above. There may also be an extra charge for additional members in the room. Feel free to contact us here.

can we use our phones?

Of course! Photos are welcome and encouraged during Boxaroo adventures. Take any photos you'd like- all we ask is that you refrain from sharing pictures on social media that contain solved puzzles. No spoilers!

what is your refund policy?

In the event that you are unable to attend your scheduled adventure with Boxaroo, we are happy to move your timeslot/date to one that would work with your current schedule. If your availability is unknown, we can provide you with a personalized payment code for the exact cost of your booking to be used at your leisure. If this is still not a suitable arrangement, a refund can be provided as long as Boxaroo has been informed of the cancellation more than 24 hours ahead of your scheduled booking time.

If your booking is within 24 hours of your scheduled booking time, we will not grant any refunds unless there are severe circumstances, such as but not limited to inclement weather, medical emergencies, etc.

You can contact us here if you would like to reschedule or request a refund.

do you donate tickets for fundraiser events?

Unfortunately, not at this time. Due to the numerous poor experiences we've had with donating tickets, we've decided we won't be doing this anytime soon. This policy may change in the future once we work out a system to do this in a fair manner!

will I be playing with other people?

All of our reservations are private; only your party will be in the room. Once you book on the website, no one else can book for the same timeslot.

If you would like to add members to your party, you are welcome to bring them with you on the day of your adventure, and we'll take care of their payment on site (credit card preferred). If you would like to take care of the additional cost ahead of time, please contact us and we'll help you take care of it.

I have a question not listed here!

Please don't hestitate to reach out ot us! A lovely human will get back to you as soon as possible. You can contact us here.