the room

You and your fellow investigators take it upon yourselves to explore the study of a once renowned magician, tucked away deep inside an abandoned vault. There's something mystical about this place... Perhaps there's still some magic left underneath the layers of dust.

Rooms run on average around 60 minutes. The price of admission per person is $32. You can also book an entire room for $295.

New to puzzles / escape the rooms?

Excellent! You're in for a treat. Unlike most 'escape the rooms', you won't be trapped in a room- rather, you and your team of investigators will solve puzzles, connect clues, and see how much you can unlock before time runs out.

This experience is recommended for ages 12+. Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult, or must have two people stacked inside a trench coat to be a very convincing adult.

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Experienced Puzzle Solver?

Experienced 'escape the rooms' before? Won Mystery Hunt? Escaped Alcatraz back in the 1940s? Our operators normally provide hints to help you progress through the room- if you're up for a challenge, let them know day-of and they'll refrain from providing hints unless you're really really stuck.

Booking for a business or organization?

For businesses and social/school organizations interested in using this as a retreat location, a fun social hiatus, or even an interview process, Boxaroo has special accommodations for you! Contact us at to find out about group bookings, negotiate multi-booking package deals, plan an on-site visit, or even learn about the psychological underpinnings of Boxaroo that help promote teamwork, leadership, outside-of-the-box thinking, problem solving, and fun.

Still have questions?

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