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What is Boxaroo?

Glad you asked! Boxaroo creates puzzle adventures. Players (usually in teams of 5-10) enter a room and together, try to conquer a challenge. You might be unearthing lost treasure, discovering the magician's secret, preventing a temporal disruption...

Who is it for?

Boxaroo is a great team-building activity for everyone! Friends who are up for a challenge, families who want to try something different, and even corporate teams that are looking for a unique team-bonding exercise.

Is this like an 'escape the room?'

Yes, but technically no. You won't be escaping anything. In fact, the only thing 'locking' you in the room is the power of your imagination.

Where are you guys located?

Downtown Boston, right beside the Government Center T Station.

When are you opening?

If all goes well, early June!

How long is a game? Do I get any hints?

We'll be sure to clarify these details once we launch. Sign up to receive updates when we open!

Are you hiring?

Yes! We're hiring both full time and part time employees to help us write and construct puzzles, along with manage our rooms. If you're friendly, creative, like puzzles, and enjoy a good challenge, shoot us a résumé at and we'll be in touch!

I have questions, comments, concerns and/or a cute cat photo

Feel free to email us at!